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    Murickens Group An ISO certified company , The name Murickens has come from our well-known ancient family name - Murickens. Keeping our prestigious tradition in mind, we always keep up to our sincerity and loyalty towards our esteemed customers. In continuation of our Hotel "KADHAMBARY" business established in Kaduthuruthy, Kottayam in 1975, we started establishing in real-estate, electrical and electronics field during 1990, in the trade name of 'Flyline', 'MG' and 'Murickens'. We were manufacturing various electronic products like stabilizers, UPS, inverters , solar water heater, refrigeration Products etc during that period and established in servicing and marketing at all Kerala level.In 1992 all our activities were established under the Umbrella of “Murickens Group”. Through this business Murickens marked our name to the top in this field, with prompt and honest service. Now the name Murickens has become a household name.

    Murickens has always been keeping a watch on modern technology and business attitudes. We have different Registered Trade Marks namely "MG","Flyline","MURICKENS" and "MURICKENS GROUP". In 2000,we stepped into solar energy field . Keeping this in mind we entered in to Hi -tech business by manufacturing various state of the art of electronic products such as UPS, Invertors, Solar Invertors, Solar UPS, Solar Lantern, Solar Street Light, Automotive Invertors, Step-up and Step-down transformers, Servo Stabilizers, Solar emergency lamps etc. These products are manufactured under the brand name FLYLINE. Achieving success in this field too, Murickens launched few more products in the brand name as MG. products include deep freezers, room air conditioners, mobile mortuary, water coolers, Solar water heaters etc. Today we are the number one particularly in Real Estate Business. All this happened due to our positive approach and business principles. We at Murickens have a clear and strict policy towards each and every aspect of business. We believe in delivering goods with integrity provide good services to our customers and always feels that they are most important to us. So log on to our websites given below and be a part of our business. Besides the Head office at Kaduthuruthy, Muricken's Group now has offices at Ernakulam, Kottayam, Chengannur and representatives at Mumbai and USA. For further information you can contact our Managing Director, Mr. George G Muricken.

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